We deal in Design for Fire Protection System of all kinds of complex fire fighting system.

We do not just design sprinkler and fire alarm systems. We design fire protection systems with a total building approach—familiarizing ourselves with the whole building, inside and out, to deliver a more cost-effective systems design based on our complete understanding of the building’s overall fire and life safety features and needs. We, the protection experts have systematic approach to fire protection systems design needs for your projects. We assess, we conceptualize, we simplify, we deliver- In short, we design to code compliance.

Design for Fire Protection System

Fire protection systems are meant to provide a reasonable degree of protection for life and property from fire. The fire protection systems include manual and automatic systems which uses water, foam or inert gases as the extinguishing medium. For an adequate and efficient fire protection system the design and installation of the system should be based on sound engineering principles, test data, and field experience.

Pyrokinesis Technology is expertise in providing design solution for all kinds of hazards.

We truly are a Complete Solution for any and all Fire and Life Safety Systems, and can provide

Design & Engineering

Pyrokinesis Technology are capable of design for fire protection systems such as Fire Hydrant, Sprinkler, High and Medium velocity water spray, Automatic/Manual fire detection system, Addressable fire alarm system, Co2 flooding System, Clean Agent  gas based fire suppression system, Inergen System and Foam flooding system that strictly follow the requirements of the local fire services: TAC/CCE, or taking into consideration of National and International design codes and standards such as NBC, TAC, NFPA, FM etc. according to client’s needs. competent authority.

We offers the following design services:

  • Engineering Design AutoCAD
  • Pre-design site visits

From concept to final inspection, Ours design experience will ensure that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

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