We deal in Commissioning, Inspection and Testing of Fire Protection System

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A fire and life safety system is only as good as it’s installed. From design, commissioning, inspection and testing, we work with you to ensure your systems are operating efficiently throughout their life cycle. Without the right commissioning it is challenging to ensure that your fire and life safety systems will meet code minimum, performance-based design, and end-user requirements. Our systematic commissioning and integrated testing approach for life and safety systems helps you document, verify, and sustain performance of the facility assets that are critical to your business.

Commissioning, Inspection and Testing


Inspection and testing and maintenance services too are offered by many manufacturers and installers of fire protection systems. The priorities of those installers, however, may not always match the client’s best interests. As an independent, professional fire protection engineering firm, we bring objective expertise and cost-effective solutions to the table.

Inspection and testing criteria for fire protection and life safety systems and equipment are primarily established by NFPA standards. Some are also determined by OSHA, building codes and fire codes.


We will conduct a hands-on technical review of the client’s existing life safety systems. This on-site inspection of the system verifies the system’s operations and identifies cost-saving maintenance efforts. These inspections are tailored to meet the client’s specific needs along with the standards set by NFPA for weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspections.


The responsibility for insuring that a facility’s network of fire protection and life safety systems operate properly lies with a building’s owner. Maintaining the appropriate documentation of the completed inspections is just a small part of that process. Ours technicians can also assist clients by developing a customized maintenance plan and schedule for use by the facility’s in-house staff, to include training those representatives on operations and minimum inspection requirements This provides the comfort of knowing that properly trained experts are on hand without relying on an outside service.

Fire Alarm Inspections and Testing

Fire Alarm Inspection and testing are two of the most important elements in maintaining safe and effective fire protection. Our team provides inspections in accordance with NFPA industry standards. Whether you have a designed system by us or a system installed by another contractor, we will survey your facility, take an inventory of your fire protection equipment/systems and enter that information to ensure we never miss an inspection deadline. The fire alarm inspection and testing process requires correct training and certification. All our personnel are trained to ensure that your equipment stays in-specification and in top condition. We can provide long-term maintenance agreements and company-wide, all-inclusive service programs that have minimal impact on your operations.

Sprinkler System Inspections and Testing

Similar to fire alarm inspections and testing, we also offer Sprinkler system inspections and testing. Sprinkler systems are a crucial part of fire life safety protection throughout many industries. At Hiller we have over years of experience in design, installation, inspection, testing and maintenance for sprinkler systems. We can work with you to provide long term service agreements related to sprinkler system inspections and testing.

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