Fire Protection System Installation

We truly are a Complete Solution for any and all Fire and Life Safety Systems, and can provide


We work hand-in-hand with owners, architects, general contractors, and other trades to ensure that your fire protection, and/or suppression systems, are integrated within your facility in a manner that does not interfere with the aesthetics of construction, and other building components. We accomplish this through collaborative project management.

Once a system is installed, we test it to make sure it will work properly when needed, provide an overview or training to anyone that might need to understand the operations of the system and schedule out your next inspection. We can also install a monitoring system to the fire protection equipment if you desire, so you can have around the clock monitoring services.

We have highly trained and experienced team members on staff and take pride in protecting lives and property.

We are excited to help you with your next fire system installation and look forward to hearing more about your project.

Pyrokinesis Technology has the capability for installation of Fire Protection System of all types i.e fire alarm, sprinkler, clean agent systems. Our installation divisions employ specially trained technicians and project managers. These technicians have extensive mechanical and electrical experience gained over many years of successful project completion. In fact, our installation staff is one of the most experienced and tenured in the industry.

Our Installation Divisions offer the following advantages:

  • A fully stocked warehouse to support timely completion of projects
  • Field personnel are trained on all fire protection products we sell
  • Installation personnel work in close cooperation with fire system designers and engineers, minimizing unnecessary changes or rework

We provide a single source for fire alarm system installation, sprinkler system Installation, and special hazard system installations.