We deal in all kinds of AMC for Fire Protection Systems

We truly are a Complete Solution for any and all Fire and Life Safety Systems, and can provide

Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC).

We offer a one year guarantee period on the purchase of all our security systems. Under this we take care of any repairs or related issues for free. After a years’ time, if satisfied a client may as well get into an annual maintenance contract with us. Under this we take absolute care that the security and fire systems are working in fine condition. This apart we may as well go in for an upgrade as per a client’s desire which will have us fitting the latest in security that technology has to offer.

Routine visits Our engineers make a routine visit to the clients’ company and check the fine working condition of the security system by testing them thoroughly. This apart under an emergency break down of the equipments we may be called for without hesitation.

Supply support In case of a sudden breakdown of the security system we have our servicing team immediately get on it as we are ready with a standby support. This greatly minimizes the time period for which the system would not be in a working condition. While for further queries you may simply get in touch with us on the contact details given on the website via mobile and email.

Offer consistent flawless operation, we undertake AMC for Fire Protection Systems for each product. We maintain an AMC Fire Fighting Systems with our clients in which we upgrade fire safety equipments and systems installed in clients premises and remove the flaws if any.This helps in extending the life of the equipment installed at our customers end.Through this maintenance service, we can maintain the smooth & error free functionality of the systems. We provide optimum Amc ( Annual Maintenance Contract) Services of Fire Fighting Systems, Fire Hydrant Systems, Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems Fire Alarm, Fire Detection, Fire Suppression Systems etc.