Wet Pipe Sprinkler System


Wet pipe sprinkler system is the most common fire sprinkler system. It is one in which water is constantly maintained within the sprinkler piping. When a sprinkler activates this water is immediately discarded onto the fire.

      •  System simplicity and reliability
                  • Relative low installation and maintenance expense
                  • Ease of modification
                  • Short term downtime following a fire

Services offered by us:

  • Full design and engineering services
  • Installation of systems from start to finish
  • All testing, service and repair available 24 hours a day

Wet pipe sprinkler systems have their piping permanently filled with pressurized water. This has a purpose: if any individual sprinkler head opens in response to heat, water flows immediately and at a moderately high pressure. For this reason, wet pipe installations have the fastest response among all sprinkler system configurations – reaction time does not depend on distance between the activated sprinkler head and the water supply.

This systems have the lowest cost and the fastest response, making then the preferred option in a wide range of applications. They also have very simple maintenance needs. The main limitation of this fire sprinkler configuration is that water in the piping can freeze with low temperature, limiting its use in cold environments (natural or man-made).

There are also special applications where flammable substances are stored, and the sprinkler system may be required to spray water from all sprinkler heads at once. This is not possible with a wet pipe system: water is held back at each sprinkler head, and they are activated individually by localized heating, so there is no way to make them all activate at once.

Wet pipe systems are the easier to reset after they respond to a fire. It is only necessary to replace the sprinkler heads that opened, and fill the piping with water again.

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